What Is This?

I don’t know what I’m doing here.  With that admission out of the way, I feel a little better.

See, here’s the thing.  I lack focus.  Hence the title of this site.  My muse is fleeting.  First, I can’t always find her.  I assume my muse is a woman.  If that makes me sexist, okay.  Second, the little minx jerks me all over the place (as long as I’m sexist, then let’s push it further).  Which is another way of saying I lack focus.  If you stumbled upon this site thinking there was some sort of theme or consistency of thought, you may need to move along.  I tend to stumble around between topics.  I like to think that makes me well rounded.  Some readers (assuming any are here) may think I’m ADHD.

I imagine there will be some topics that come up more than others, as I gravitate toward music (I’m a snob), movies (not quite as snobbish), politics (I’m probably more liberal than you), and sports (I’m a guy, after all).  That said, it’s hard to say what will grab my attention on any given day.  There is, however, a reasonable chance many people who spend a few minutes looking around may leave offended.  If I can consistently do that, I guess that’s something.

So here we are.

If, by now, you’re frantically searching for another bookmarked site to click, I can’t really say that I blame you.  If you stick around or even return here for future visits, you have no one to blame but yourself.

The Big Fucking Swede


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